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GCL System Integration launched new cast mono series with power up to 450W

June 19th, 2019

On June 4, GCL System Integration (002506.SZ) launched its new high-efficiency modules at the thirteenth (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference (SNEC) in Shanghai. The new series that grandly making debut is the industry-leading 420W ultra-high efficiency cast mono modules with features of high-efficiency mono cells and cast conduction technology. In addition, the light and transparent back-plate is fluorine-containing and highly weather-resistant. The conversion rate is further improved with power expected to reach 430W in mass production. When adopting 166 large wafers, power could be further lifted to more than 450W. Eric Luo, Chairman of GCL SI, and Yi Xie, Chairman of Tongwei, jointly unveiled the above new product. With the advent of the era of grid parity, PV module companies at home and abroad continue to expand their production capacity. Therefore, it is increasingly important for a brand with quality, reliability and efficiency to emerge from the trend of universally using high-efficiency modules. People of the PV industry think GCL mono series is becoming that brand.


 “Cast mono is highly efficient and for aesthetics. Its internal power loss is effectively reduced due to the use of unique slicing and internal circuit connection technologies. The module will be widely used in ground solar farms and distributed roof-tops. Due to the lower manufacturing cost compared with CZ technology, GCL mono has the advantage of lower system cost and higher market competition.” Huang Gengwen, Product Management Director of GCL SI, said at the launch ceremony.


As a secret weapon with continuous investment, GCL mono products are rapidly taking the market share due to the cost and technology advantages. According to Huang Gengwen, GCL mono uses cast ingot technology that consumes less energy, and the cells produced are bigger in size with lower oxygen content. The wafer resistivity distribution is more concentrated. Those features result in higher performance and better value-for-money.” In the era of grid parity, LCOE is the only competitiveness benchmark. GCL Mono series will be the preferred choice by more solar farm investors due to its high quality, wide compatibility, lower cost, and less carbon footprint.


Eric Luo, Chairman of GCL SI, said at the launching ceremony that the era of 400W plus for PV modules has already come. The cast mono series is the main strategic products in the high-end differentiated market in 2019. GCL SI, with the concept of creating more values for customers, will unremittingly contribute to the grid parity by substantial decreasing power generation cost through technology renovation, bringing down the BOS expenditure of solar stations.


Xie Yi, Chairman of Tongwei, congratulated GCL SI at the launching event and said his company will beef up the cooperation with GCL SI for further development of PV technology. According to people in the industry, the new generation of cast mono series from GCL SI represents the top level of PV technology, indicating the technical direction for the future 500W+ products.