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GCL SI launched new cast mono series

June 19th, 2019

On 4th June, GCL System Integration (GCL SI, 002506. SZ) launched new 420W ultra-high efficiency cast mono series at the thirteenth (2019) International Photovoltaic Power Generation and Smart Energy Exhibition & Conference (SNEC) in Shanghai. Eric Luo, Chairman of GCL SI, and Yi Xie, Chairman of Tongwei, jointly unveiled the new product.


GCL SI indicated that the power of new series could be increased to 430W in future mass production, and with the adoption of 166 big size wafer, its maximum power could be more than 450W.


“In comparison to the traditional CZ technology, GCL mono adopts cast ingot approach to realize less power consumption, and the cells are in bigger size with less oxygen content. The wafer resistivity distribution is more concentrated. Those features could be well translated into higher performance and better value-for-money.” Huang Gengwen, Director of Product Management of GCL SI, said. 


Eric Luo, Chairman of GCL SI, said at the launching event that the era of 400W+ for PV modules has already come. The cast mono series is the main strategic product for the high-end differentiated market.


Yi Xie, Chairman of Tongwei, attended the event and said his company will shore up the cooperation with GCL SI to jointly promote the further development of PV technology.