Integrated DC Charger

380 VAC +/-10%

Output Voltage

120 kW / 60 kW / 30 kW

Output Power


Protection Level

Product Features

  • Multimedia advertising function available; media type optional

  • Strong charging power; wide variation of output currents and voltages to satisfy the requirements of different passenger vehicles

  • Choose from four modes, including charging by the time; electrical quantity; amount and auto-charging (until fully charged)

  • Color LCD serves as a HM interface and displays the Charging mode, hour, electrical quantity and billing data during the process

  • The RS485 Modbus interface provides a sound communication function that is able to upload the operating status parameters of the DC EV Charger as needed, monitor the fault type and charging measurement and accept remote control commands

  • Set the card-swiping interface: Common means such as RFID and IC cards are accepted Stable performance